Whole Green Nocellare


Our unique Sicilian Nocellare whole green olive, sourced directly from the farm in western Sicily, lightly marinated with sunflower oil, oregano, sweet red pepper and a trace of chilli (not hot). Delicious!

Many of our olives are dressed with marinades we lovingly prepare ourselves using fresh herbs from our garden, grown without the use of any pesticides or chemicals, and marinated fresh to order. To enjoy them at their best we recommend consuming within 2 weeks

Ingredients: Green Nocellara de Belice Olives, Sunflower Oil (7%), Chilli (trace), Oregano (trace), Salt (0.1%)

Nutritional information:    Per 100g 
Energy (kJ)                             993.81
Protein (g)                                     3.1
Fat (g)                                          23.6
Of which Saturates                         0
Carbohydrates                                 0
Of which Sugars                              0
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